About Us

JumboEx incorporated in 2020 aims to provide the most convenient delivery service for everyone with just a click away to get your desired item from small size to jumbo size. We started the services at Penang, Malaysia and expanding to nationwide and promisingly expand the map even further to the globe. JumboEx connects possibly over 10 million of Malaysians partnering over 20,000 of riders from two-wheels to four-wheels or even eight-wheels vehicle that focuses on simple and cost- effective delivery solutions for household and businesses.

JumboEx offers strategic delivery and logistical solution to our partners. From individual to commercial, physical business to e-commerce, daily needs to luxury wants, we support enterprises from a wide range of industries and help them to grow and outsource their logistic needs. Our partners can save on their expenses. Thanks to our unique software and platform advantage, with just few simple step, you are ready to send your document or parcel to your desired location and add-on extra pick up point or even a return trip which helps on returning documents to the initial sender.

JumboEx adds a user-friendly feature for the user to make payments through the digital wallet, "JumboEx e-Wallet" and digital receipts will be emailed to user in order to keep track of the usage. The API integration also offers chances for the company to elevate their businesses to the next level. JumboEx currently operates in Penang only.